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STATEMENT, Vision & Mission


美代実 MIYOMI steht für

“beauty”  “generation”  “fruit, kindness” 

My MISSION is to provide education for beings interested in sensual, energetic-based magical spaces, body-wisdom in general as well as spirituality&philosophy-based meditation and yoga practices.

I invite you to dive deeper into your felt sense of your body.

I love to step into creative spaces and to co-create, to express this felt sense, to make it visible, to “touch” others this way.

Why? I want us all to grow and to be visible as the best authentic and embodied version of ourselves possible in this lifetime.

Sometimes, that means facing challenges, sometimes, that means showing up for leadership & inspiration, sometimes, that means taking quality time to rest, surrender and heal.

Perception, play, expression



Shibari (or Kinbaku) is a japanese form of bondage that includes not only kinky, but technical, artistic and philosophical aspects.

My approach to ropes draws a lot from bodywork, performance/ acting/ contact improvisation, and my energetic approach to sensuality, polarity and powerrelation.

When it comes to installations and stage design, I am a fan of colorful, glooming trans-media projects. I am always open to work with/in performers, photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, clubs, festivals ec. for creative projects!


OWNING and EXPERIENCING YOUR BODY and life in its richness and sensuality, FEELING and RADIATING in a holistic and multi-faceted way requires a body-centered TRAINING of PERCEPTION and EXPRESSION.

An EMBODIMENT-CENTERED approach puts your body and gut feeling first. We work with your actual INTUITION, FELT SENSE, SENSES and BODY-AWARENESS instead of talking about mental concepts.

My tools and specialization is THAI BODYWORK and trainings to develope your (energetic or spiritual) SENSUALITY. But embodiment-training is also very useful to increase your BODY-AWARENESS, COMMUNICATION- and EXPRESSION SKILLS or for PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT in general.


There are many ways and reasons how and why to enter meditation.

There is a felt place, an inner refuge, untouched by circumstances, personality, limitations, time and concepts.

In my practice, meditation is about the radicality of intimacy to show up absolutley naked in front of this place and to realize WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Some spiritual schools call this place the Self, some the Spiritual Heart – I perceive it as a mirror for Self-realisation.

Altough we are in fact never separate from this place and this intimacy, we all have tons of patterns, identifications, personal stories ec. that make us forget this place or loose touch and get lost in circumstances – which eventually leads to stress, lack of direction & orientation and at worst meaninglessness.

The good news is that there is a way to decondition and to deconstruct these patterns & stories and to live a life that radiates from this inner refuge place.






“Very professionally guided and with a lot of empathy.
The meditation is super pleasantly relaxing and with a lot of feeling. It is a wonderful complement to Tai Chi and Kung Fu training.”



“Already after the first session I felt clearer and relieved. My steps towards new independence and self-employment no longer seemed impossible.”

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