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Art & Embodiment

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STATEMENT, Vision & Mission


美代実 MIYOMI steht für

“beauty”  “generation”  “fruit, kindness” 

My MISSION is to provide education about spirituality & philosophy-based meditation and yoga practices for beings who are ready to change their game by following their body-wisdom into deep experiences.

I invite you to dive deeper into your felt sense of your body.

I love to step into creative spaces and to co-create, to express this felt sense, to make it visible, to “touch” others this way.

Why? I want us all to grow and to be visible as the best authentic and embodied version of ourselves possible in this lifetime.

This is possible for everyone willing to make a step and to start!

Perception, play, expression



My approach to art centers around ropes and draws a lot from bodywork, performance/ acting/ contact improvisation, polarity and powerrelation.

When it comes to installations and stage design, I am a fan of colorful, glooming trans-media projects. I am always open to work with/in performers, photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, clubs, festivals ec. for creative projects!


An EMBODIMENT-CENTERED approach puts your body and gut feeling first. We work with your actual INTUITION, FELT SENSE, SENSES and BODY-AWARENESS instead of talk about mental concepts.

OWNING and EXPERIENCING YOUR BODY and life in its richness  requires a body-centered TRAINING of PERCEPTION and EXPRESSION which includes BODY-AWARENESS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS as well as PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT in general.


In meditation we train to stay connected to our inner felt place which is untouched by circumstances, personality, limitations, time and concepts.

Most of the time, our patterns, identifications, personal stories ec. that make us forget this place or loose touch and get lost in circumstances – which eventually leads to stress, lack of direction & orientation and at worst meaninglessness.

Meditation is a way to deconstruct these patterns & stories and to experience radical inner freedom.




Meditation & Yoga Classes

“Very professionally guided and with a lot of empathy.
The meditation is super pleasantly relaxing and with a lot of feeling. It is a wonderful complement to Tai Chi and Kung Fu training.”


Coaching & Embodiment Training

“Already after the first session I felt clearer and relieved. My steps towards new independence and self-employment no longer seemed impossible.”


Sinnliche.Seil.Spiele Workshop

“Ich möchte euch nochmal Danke sagen für das intensive lehrreiche Wochenende! Ihr habt es nicht nur geschafft die grundlegende Technik allen nahezubringen, sondern habt auch den emotionalen, eigentlich ganzheitlichen Zugang vermittelt. Und das auch noch mit einer Leichtigkeit und Freude, die mir sehr gefallen hat!”

“I want to thank you again for the intense educational weekend! You have not only managed to bring the basic technique to everyone, but have also conveyed the emotional, actually holistic approach. And that too with a lightness and joy that I liked very much!”

Tamara Bailey

Sinnliche.Seil.Spiele Workshop

“Der Workshop war wunderschön für mich – das hat viel mit dem achtsamen Umgang miteinander zu tun, mit Sicherheit und Gehaltenwerden. Der Aufbau war so liebevoll gestaltet – nicht einfach nur Technik – nein, das hatte für mich etwas ganz Tiefes und Berührendes. Euch bei eurer Performance zuzuschauen, euer Umgang miteinander – das hat mich auf einer emotional tiefen Ebene bewegt, die ich nicht erwartet hatte. Ich hoffe, ihr macht in Zukunft noch mehr Workshops gemeinsam.”

“The workshop was wonderful for me – it has a lot to do with mindful interaction, with security and being held. The structure was so lovingly designed – not just technique – no, for me it had something very deep and touching. Watching you perform, your interaction with each other – it moved me on an emotionally deep level that I didn’t expect. I hope you do more workshops together in the future.”


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