Please drop me an Email to schedule an appointment or a call if you are planning an event, course, workshop ec.


My prices vary and are adapted to the evolving value chain of my offering, the target group, your long-term commitment and eventually the preparation or travel effort. 

What does that mean?

The value of my work is not based on “counting time” – but effect and outreach. For example, an individually tailored 3h meditation workshop in a corporate context with 25 participants will be priced differently than three 1h sessions for a private yoga student. A 20 min. impulse talk has a different value than a 1h drop-in yoga class. 

A guideline for 1-1 work in a non-corporate context is 70-90 Euro per hour.

I offer special prices for colleagues&associates (certified yoga & meditation teachers, thai/shiatsu bodyworkers, artists) please feel free to reach out.