“Coaching can be a game changer.

Or even change a life.”


Coaching can be useful in a business or private context in an individual, relational and group processes. Further, a connection with meditation or mindfulness training can be very helpful to deepen and strenghten the process.

What for?

In a coaching setting, I accompany and help people to discover solutions, paths, perspectives – and above all themselves. Coaching has nothing to do with content-related advice. It is about being present and supportive by pursuing the right questions and signals for you which allow you to unfold and integrate your answers. Coaching is about developing values and orientation and expanding your own spectrum.


The full potential of coaching unfolds by recognizing fundamental personal or relational structures, questioning them and, if necessary, deconstruct and create them anew. This can take place in a private or business context in the form of discussions, group work, interventions or with the help of various body-centered methods.

Another methodical option is Philosophical Counselling, a dialogical and sometimes experimental form of philosophizing together. The Socratic method, Maieutik, is refered to as “midwifery” and supports the conversation in bringing out one´s own thoughts. Sometimes, unexpected questions, ways of thinking and experiences of all those involved can help to clarify issues on various levels and empower creating new, creative and meaningful paths that are comprehensive and integrative.


Appointments are available in German and English (online and “live”).

Further details and questions as well as bookings are possible via E-Mail. More about my background and work can be found here.