Embodiment means living within, not only being aware of the body.


“Embodiment” is a concept that is used in psychotherapy, coaching, philosophy, cognitive sciences as well as in performing arts such as acting.  

The starting point is that the body is much more than the „hardware“ of the „software“ of the mind or the “container” of the brain because without the overall physical ability to perceive colours, movements, sensations, sound or smell, consciousness and the ability to think and perceive cannot be developed and trained.

To experience oneself as embodied with an integrated body-mind connection is the basement for my work and has many advantages: 

  • intuition: being able to perceive and assign one´s own body signals facilitates intuitive access to emotions and feelings. Setting priorities, recognizing one´s own values and, if necessary, making decisions becomes easier and more integrative.
  • strong personality: not only perceiving viewpoints, values and feelings, but also being able to express, represent and embody them is often not only an issue in a private, but also in a business context.
  • world and self-image: authentic expression and experience can be based on social and cultural conditioning (e.g. norms and role models) can be difficult. Experiencing and understanding your own sensations consciously can help to create new and suitable categories for yourself outside of the boxed thinking.

Appointments are available in German and English (online and “live”).

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