“Meditation is about the intimacy with yourself.”


The state of meditation can be reached by applying various methods: focus on breathing, sound, visualisation, body scans, physical exercises like yoga, or a combination.

All these exercises need a good balance of concentration and openess for an alert but relaxed state of mind.

MIYOMI offers an extensive mindfulness and meditations training with techniques of the yogic, western and Buddhist tradition in order to provide a contemporary, yet solid, training for everyone.


Mindfulness training is a consciousness training derived from meditation traditions, tailored to western cultures. The aim is to learn to be present in the moment, to perceive internal and external processes without judgement and to understand them as temporary phenomena. This reduces the risk of being overwhelmed by stressful emotions.

The quality of mindfulness to be able to perceive thoughts and feelings in the now without judgement can be practiced and lived in a formal meditation or informal practice in everyday life.

The effects of meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven

Studies at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of mindfulness exercises. Likewise, the works of researchers such as Prof. Jon Kabat Zinn or Dr. Britta Hoelzel show the value of mindfulness as an opportunity for personal and professional development.

  • Thoughts become calm and clear and creativity increases
  • Self-confidence and intuition are strenghtened, and easier and better decisions are made possible
  • Mental and emotional self-centering
  • Precise perception allows a realignment of psychological structures
  • A conscious state of openness is cultivated in contrast to automatism
  • The ability to empathize develops. Sensitivity and perception are increased
  • Communication becomes clearer

Mindfulness and meditation are more than a tool. They become an attitude towards life and a inner guide.

Appointments are available in German and English (online and “live”).

Further details and questions as well as bookings are possible via E-Mail. More about my background and work can be found here.