“You can´t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.”


Mindfulness and Meditation are the path, ground and fruit of self-awareness.

Mindfulness and meditation can be induced through various methods such as focus on breathing, a sound, a visualization, body scans, yoga or a combination – there is a suitable option for everyone.

There are many ways and reasons how and why one would start a meditation practice.

One might be wanting to learn to be present in the very moment and to be able to perceive thoughts, feelings and emotions as they are because this reduces the risk of being overwhelmed by your inner life, stuck patterns and intense situations.


meditation miyomi

Meditation offers much more. No matter why you started meditation – sooner or later you will discover that there is a felt sense of an “inner refuge”, an inner place that is untouched by circumstances, personality, limitations, time and concepts.

In my practice, meditation is about entering this place and to realize who you are as well as to develope love & compassion. Some spiritual schools call this place the Self, some the Spiritual Heart – I perceive it as a mirror for Self-realisation.

There are many styles and schools for meditation. My techniques derive from Hridaya (A Self-Inquiry method following Ramana Maharshi) and tibetan Buddhism.

In fact, you are never separate from this place. But there are tons of personality patterns, identifications, personal stories ec. that make you forget this place or loose touch and get lost in circumstances – which eventually leads to stress, lack of direction & orientation and at worst a sense of meaninglessness in and of life.

The good news is that there is a way to decondition and to deconstruct these patterns & stories and to live a life that radiates from this inner refuge place:

To practice meditation & philosophy.

"Side effects" of meditation and mindfulness in the fields for personal and professional growth:

  • Thoughts become calm and clear and creativity increases
  • Self-confidence and intuition are strengthened, easier and better decisions are possible
  • Mental and emotional self-centering
  • Accurate perception allows realignment of mental structures
  • A conscious state of openness is cultivated as opposed to automatism
  • The ability to empathize develops, sensitivity and perceptiveness are increased
  • Communication becomes clearer, more empathic and direct

However, mindfulness and meditation are more than a tool, they become a way of life and can develop an unimagined potential as an inner guide.


Meditation and mindfulness classes in a personal or corporate context:

  • individual 1-1 setting (online or live)
  • workshops and retreats (see events)
  • team/corporate group
  • online (check my courses page)