It´s a melting pot of meditation, massage & yoga


Thai Yoga Bodywork is a massage, meditation and perception training

What happens during a Thai-Bodywork session?

It involves working with the hands, elbows and feet all over the body (without oil, fully clothed) along the energy lines to release tension of any kind. Respectively: Most of the time, during Thai Yoga Bodywork, one also enters a meditative state in a completely relaxed and natural way, experiencing

  • mental relaxation, holistic touch and presence
  • the “is” state on a mental, physical and emotional level
  • by perceiving and accepting this, tensions or pains are reframed and/or released

The body is passively stretched and at the same time relaxed in many movements in Thai Bodywork, some of which are derived from yoga.


The effects of Thai Bodywork are encompass the physical, emotional and sensation level

What for and for whom?

Thai Yoga Massage has many qualities and can be used for many needs:

  • Mental and physical balance: mental relaxation, release of tension in the shoulder and neck area, lower back pain, headaches or other stress symptoms
  • Regeneration and body awareness: athletes, yogis, dancers – people who need regular & mindful regeneration & relaxation periods
  • Inner Journeys: Emotional or mental tensions can be released by setting an intention
  • Supervision for Bodyworkers/Coaches: Those who work in the field of bodywork, coaching or counseling themselves, take the receiving side. Thai- Bodywork works excellent as a of body-centered “self-supervision”
  • Elderly: Thai-Bodywork (gently done) works great with elderly people and has tremendous effects. Gentle mobilization and touch is the main focus 


Thai Bodywork is done 1-1, a the minimum for a session is 1h, though 90min or even 2h are recommended.