“Perceiving the body is not the same as making your body your home”


Sounds right to you?

To realize this was my personal game changer.

I have tried many other forms of movement and awareness training. After all these years, I can now say in good conscience that NOTHING on a physical level is as holistic, profitable, symmetrical, challenging, nurturing and at the same time as mindful, timeless and personal as a yoga practice.

However, yoga is not only about the body.

Yoga is so much more than physical practice or sports – breath, meditation and philosophy are a fixed part of a yoga practice.

Nevertheless, as already written in the Yoga Sutras, the full potential of yoga unfolds from the physical to the subtle (inner work). With back pain, shortening and tension in your body, it is quite difficult to concentrate on subtle breathing, to meditate with a calm mind and to develope a relaxed sense of body- and self-awareness.

Therefore, a healthy physical personalized yoga practice is just as key to level up in your practice as more subtle techniques.

Which yoga-style do I teach?

Whereas the aim of yoga always stays the same – there is a hughe variety of “yoga-styles” out there these days. Styles I teach are:

  • Ashtanga
  • Yin
  • Classical Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow

Every style has it´s advantages, purpose and a certain chemistry – just as every teacher.

To give you a better overview on my style, I tried to sum up some statements and feedbacks about my classes:

  • No matter if in a yoga studio or a corporate class – You will feel a difference right after the first class.
  • I don´t offer “drop-in” classes without progress. My courses are always designed to build up
  • I am very precise about posture, alignment and movement to grant a healthy practice
  • Breath, meditation and final relaxation is just as important as the physical (asana) aspects of yoga
  • If you are an Ashtanga Yogi: In my experience, “practice and all is coming” doesn´t always make sense. For me, learning the technique of advanced postures and transitions like handstands or strong backbends made more sense through the western lense of acrobatics and gymnastics – which requires extra/another training than doing the same series all over and over again. That´s why I also offer “non-yoga” exercises in my 1-1 classes.

More than 10 years of teaching and practice experience


  • Yoga classes in a personal or corporate context
  • individual 1-1 setting (online or live)
  • workshops and retreats (see events)
  • team/corporate group
  • open classes at a yoga studio (currently, I teach at ONE Yoga in Vienna)
  • online at oneyoga.plus (the provider is ONE Yoga, pricing, terms and conditions accordingly)