What is „Organic Enhancement“? The track „Inner Cyborg“ deals with techniques, techné as „know-how“ and potentials for enhancement that are available to every embodied human being. The application of these techniques allows holistic and sustainable changes on all levels as they affect the whole body-mind
system and transform the way we create knowledge and how we perceive ourselves. Therefore, Enhancement in the sense of the Inner Cyborg is possible without implants or other artificial bodymodifications in terms of

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness are popular examples of „Organic Enhancement“ these days. The classical Yoga system includes various instructions about how to move the body and the breath, how to deal with emotions, sensations and thoughts in order to attain a stable peaceful and loving mind condition which is free from fear, personal drama, ignorance, attachment and aversion.

Eventually, the subtle layer of all efforts for enhancement – and also in transhumanist thought – is to deal death, pain and suffering and to attain happiness and physical health. In the track “Inner Cyborg” we will learn and discuss about how we can improve our ability to perceive and experience more consciously, with more intensity and also with more integrity. Because any change of performance and outer circumstances towards improved life quality only unfolds it´s value by acknowledgment and a shift of inner attitude.

22. – 24.5.2020 NRW Forum Düsseldorf

MetaMarathon 2020