What does it mean for us to be ´body-subjects´, to feel and express the body at the same time?

What does it mean to know and think with the body – simply to be the body?


The body senses and feels our impulses. However, most of the time we have to repress those inner impulses to action, succumb to conventionality, and over time, loose the awareness of the embodied self. Our strong western tendency to think of the body as an entity amongst other objects or as a medium through which the mind discloses itself disregards or suppresses embodied knowing or embodied expression as well. Conscious embodiment can be seen as a refutation of the echos of the Cartesian body-mind duality on the one hand. It is also a reminder that we are not merely embodied as individuals, we are embedded in the world with others.

Dance can be an experience of bodily being-in-the-world in all emotional, mental and physical conditions, a fluid expression, construction and deconstrucion of embodied identities and symbols.


As embodiment is essencially about perception and communication, we will work with different techniques to perceive our bodies in stillness and various ways of flow movements, both individually and together as a group in call and response movements.

This Workshop offers a space to open into embodied movement with clear facilitation, guidance and supportive music. A welcoming space no matter what your background, dance experience (you don´t need any!), appearance, identification or enhancement status. Just give it a go!


22. – 24.5.2020 NRW Forum Düsseldorf

MetaMarathon 2020